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Welcome to the home of Electronicaflame.com. This is a specialized website, fully dedicated to all types of electronic genres. Whether it’s trance, drum and bass, EDM, or everything in between, this is where you'll find it. Some popular genres to check out include:

This is a place for people to come together and talk about their favorite genres or artists. A place where new and developing artists can come and share their music with the world. Do you have a favorite genre? One you are totally obsessed with? At the moment, there are several different genres which you can choose from.

When you arrive on the page of your choosing, you may just find that there's something you never knew about it. This site gives accurate, up-to-date, and ever increasing information on all different types of electronic music.

If you're an artist, or just a fan, bookmark this page to come back when other features are incorporated or when more electronic genres become available. This is especially true for artists, as there will be a service to upload and sell your music, reaching a targeted audience and getting yourself known.

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If you happen to be an artist, visit the Upload page and send me your tracks. While the service to sell them hasn't been fully incorporated yet, you can get increased publicity and targeted fans having your work here.

As for electronica fans, this will be an excellent place to learn information about new and developing types of electronic music. You can also share ideas and opinions on your favorite genres. You can even listen to samples, or buy albums and singles that artists create.

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