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About Me

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Well, if you've come to this page, you must be interested in the author of this site. Unfortunately, I'm not very interesting. But I suppose it's formal to have an "About Me" page, isn't it. Let's get started, shall we?

My name is Tyler, you can call me Ty if you please. It takes less time to type, after all. Since there's not much to talk about, generally speaking, I will have this page split into sections.


Since my interests are more interesting than I am, we can start there.

One of my more unique interests would be animating. It's a lot of fun for me, even though it takes about 100 times the amount of time to create the length of an animation. For example, a 5 minute animation would take about 500 minutes (more than 8 hours) for me.

Even so, it's a great way to exercise that creative part of the brain. Of course, this has taken a back seat for now, as I want to focus on this website.

Drawing would naturally be an interest if animating was one, as animation is simply moving pictures. Well literally, they are just played in sequence, very fast.

Something I need to find a little time for everyday, the fast paced, block dropping madness that is... Te- Am I allowed to say that? Well, fans of this game will now what I'm talking about. And a certain person makes it all the better (you know who you are :).

Hmm... Were there anymore interests? I can't think of any... Oh, wait, I guess music is okay. Yeah, music.


Yes, it gets its own section. This is what the website is dedicated to after all.

Music has been a very big part of my life. Ever since I was little, there would be instruments, equipment for recording and all sorts of beeping lights and strange knobs, but it felt totally normal, I knew this was meant for me.

I started playing the electric guitar when I was about 13, self teaching myself the whole way through. As I got older though, I wanted to expand what I could do with sounds and music, investing my time into learning the intricate details and complexity of electronic music production.

Over the course of about a year or so, I had made my first ten songs. The first few were experimental in nature, seeing how I would do in this area. I started becoming more serious about it when I liked what I made. It made me want to make more.

Those ten songs I made will (probably) never be available for sale, although I may remix them to suit my more experienced self. Right now, I have a finished album and two songs for my next album. The two songs vary (in style) somewhat drastically to many tracks on my first album. You can listen to my first song, on my new album below, if you're interested. This one is just a piano instrumental, however.

But enough about music production. Obviously listening to music is rather important as well, isn't it?

One of the main things I like most about music is that it can be used while doing anything (but kids, please give your teachers a break and wait until after school :), or as a stand alone entertainment. Of course, the actual music is the most important part, yes?

Personally speaking (I would usually say "not that you care," but since this is the "About Me" page, apparently you do), the type of music I like is full of energy, fast paced and melodic. Although it's not only limited to this. I can enjoy a wide variety of musical styles, I just need to feel a connection with it.


Now, my personality. Let's get on with it shall we?

A certain someone asked me to describe myself in five words (if you didn't know this was you, you sure do now :). I was only able to come up with three:

Man - Naturally, a man is male person.
Person - A person is a human, like you and me.
Human - A human is the same as a person.

Not satisfied with those answers, this certain someone provided three new ones, based on observation of my personality:

Sensitive - While I hate to admit it, I am rather sensitive. If someone doesn't like me or my music, or even the things I like, I will take it badly (this would be an excellent opportunity for trolls, however, I don't think they read "About Me" pages :).

Crazy (in a lovely way) - Perhaps it's due to the scientifically proven fact that I have a random word generator installed into my brain from birth, or because of sentences like that, that this would be a personality trait. I would rather not use this random word generator as an example, as it may scare some people.

Ambitious - Yes, I am. Sometimes it's a bad thing, like I told this certain someone "Sometimes you can be too focused on the finish line to pay attention to the race. Oops, giant hole." But this personality trait motivates me to try as hard as I can, and inspires me to give it my all.

After further analysis, we were able to come up with the final two words.

Charming (previously polite) - You said it, not me :). According to the certain someone, it's a mix of polite, kindly, humorous and cute. Resulting in what would be charming. They know I can't argue with them, because they will tell me again and again, so I will accept it and try to live up to it.

Creative - Well, let's be honest... I am very creative. But before you think I've lost all modesty and decency, being creative isn't a suggestive thing. I do create (a lot), but the quality of what I create is left up to opinion. I simply love to create. I love expressing my thoughts in something that can be felt with the senses. So being creative is a fact, whether what I create is good or not, is left for you to decide.

Wonderful - At this point, something may be pretty obvious. Well, oh well. This is the "About Me" page, and the certain someone tells me this too often, so I need to put it here. You may choose to ignore this one, since there was only suppose to be five, but I think the certain someone is the only one who reads this anyway. Wonderful, full of wonder, I'm guessing.

So! That's me in a nutshell.

Although, I'm a completely different person when I'm not in a nutshell (see: crazy).

The Certain Someone

This section is dedicated to you (you still know who you are).

Why is there a section about you in the about me page, you ask? Well, you have been an important part in this page's development. Remember? It would still be "Man, person, human" :). Aside from that, however, you've been a great motivation for me.

I learn from you (even if you say you don't teach me), and you've been an inspiration to me. I won't say much more than that, because you already know :).

So to that certain someone, I'd like to say, thank you (you know I love you :).

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