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About This Site

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This "About This Site" page will cover specific things about this site, naturally. For the most part, it will cover page layout, as other services are not yet implemented. But as they will become implemented soon, they will be discussed as well.

Genre Page Layout

For main genres, they will get a summary. This is more important in main genres than sub-genres, because sub-genres are typically much more specific and don't need one. A sound section will follow the summary, if there is one, getting in detail about the music's sound or structure (usually both). A history section will tell of the genres history. Where it came from, how it grew, and interesting facts that happened so-and-so time ago with so-and-so genres.

Lastly, there will be a general specifications box for both main genres and sub-genres, giving quick facts if you're not the type that likes reading (this page may do you no good, then). It will quickly cover the basic points of interest, like tempo, stylistic similarities, and its origination details.

And one final thing, perhaps the most important, is the list of sub-genres for that main genre (even though, at present, there still isn't very many). These will be on every page for that main genre, giving an easy access to sub-genres from other sub-genres without needing to go back to the main one first (thank you for the idea, love).

As for the style of writing, I try to be as unbiased as possible, as this isn't "How I Feel About This.com," but there may be some excitement for certain genres over others (see: trance). I'll never be negative over a genre though, if there's one I don't like, but it may be easy to tell which ones I do like. There's sometimes light humor sprinkled throughout (see: jungle), so if it's something you can't stand, you're welcome to go elsewhere.

One last note on writing styles... I will almost never put my personal feelings or thoughts into an article, unless I feel it will add something to the discussion or information. Jungle is another example of this (must've eaten something funny). So while I don't follow strict rules, I do try and be as... Oh! I got it! "Professional With Personality!" But don't expect that all of the time :) See, a smile instead of a period! So unprofessional.

Upload Your Music

While this service is going to be hard to implement for many reasons, I will work hard to make sure it's complete. As of right now, the pricing system hasn't been fully comprehended yet. Most likely a set amount per song, and varying prices for albums (depending on their length and number of tracks). People uploading here will need all rights to do so, don't bother trying if you don't. I will review your music and decide if it has a place on here.

Become Part of the Community

This service is now available. With it, you can become a part of this community. What's your favorite genre? Go to it, scroll down to the bottom, and create a page for it. This isn't to critique or bash other genres, even if you love the one you're in (example: "This genre is great! So much better than that one!").

You are free to express a passion or interest in your selected genre, but this will stay a positive community. Submissions will be reviewed and if needed, edited or deleted. What you express doesn't need to be facts, or anything statistical. Write about why you love this music, what you do with this music, why you listen to it.

New! Comments

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