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Acid Breaks

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Acid breaks is a combination of breakbeat from Florida and the acid style of music from Chicago, naturally. The structure of this genre of music will feature the typical breakbeat drum patterns, usually syncopated percussion loops, rather than the steady beat found in most forms of dance music. Being a fusion of acid, it will also share some characteristics with it as well.

Acid is known for being the heaviest user of the Roland TB-303 synthesizer. It's what gives acid the "acid" sound and is used in the many forms of acid music, like acid trance, acid house and acid jazz. By using various filters and effects, creating harmonics, etc... it can produce this sound. So logically, it will also be used the most heavily in this genre as well, being a fusion of acid and breakbeat.

history of electronic music

This genre was actually more of an accident, created by an artist who wasn't even trying to create a new genre. When they wanted to create something new and interesting to listen to, they didn't realize it would turn into an official sub-genre of breakbeat. By taking the Chicago born style of acid, and the Florida's style of breakbeat, the genre was born.

Since then, the artist responsible for creating this genre has founded his own record labels. He has also helped in the opening a club in Tampa, Florida, where he showed off some of the mixing skills to some of the first people who arrived when it opened.

The first breakbeat acid song was said to have been created in 1987. This song was credited for creating this genre, being identical to the genre name as well. It featured the characteristics of both the syncopated drum style, found in breakbeat, and the unique sound of acid, using the previously mentioned Roland TB-303 Synthesizer. This song is said to have launched the genre, as well as influencing other artist's music.

Acid Breaks Specification

Average Beats Per Minute: 130

Where It Originated: The United States, Florida

Stylistically Similar To: Acid, Breakbeat, Dubstep

Year Developed: Late 1990s


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