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Acid Trance

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Acid trance is a type of music that can mostly be defined by its trademark "acid" sound. This effect can be achieved by changing the filter cutoffs on a melody sequence. This would typically be done by using a Roland synthesizer, adjusting various filter cutoffs, such as resonance and frequency. Envelope manipulation is also quite common in acid music.

This style of trance focuses on changing the lines of a synthesizer (resulting in a change of sound to the main melody, due to certain filter cutoff modifications), to create the distinctive sound. Specifically, the Roland TB-303 synthesizer. It's used the most heavily in this genre. Interestingly enough, the Roland TB-303 was never meant to be used this way. And ironically, it's almost never used for anything else.

There are several forms of acid music as of today. A few of those include, but not limited to acid house, acid techno and acid breaks.

history of electronic music

This type of trance is considered to be a descendant of acid house (this is due to their similarities, both in name and style, and the fact that acid house came before trance). But it's a sub-genre of trance, not a sub-genre of acid house (or house music in general), this should not be confused. It should also not be confused with goa trance or classic trance, both of which are similar, but they all have distinct differences from one another.

Being born in the early and middle parts of the 1990s, this is a rather young genre of electronic music, since many forms and even sub-genres were created as early as the 1970s, and many from the 1980s as well. There may still be time enough for this genre to develop further and gain a larger audience yet.

This specific genre (along with many others) has its main audience in Europe, where it originated. As far as the acid style is concerned, it's the most popular form of trance in Belgium. Since the introduction of this genre, it's landed four number one hits in the country. Eventually, it would start to be more recognized in other parts of the world, namely during the mid-1990s.

Acid Trance Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 130-150

Where It Originated: Europe

Stylistically Similar To: Acid House, Psychedelic Trance, Goa Trance

Year Developed: Early and Mid 1990s


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