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Balearic Beat

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Balearic beat (sometimes referred to as Balearic house) is a sub-genre of house music that is the most popular on the Balearic island, Ibiza, where many tourists come to visit. It can be described by its much slower tempo, typically ranging from 90 beats per minute up to about 115 beats per minute. As well as many different influences, such as R&B, italo house and deep house music.

Typically the music will be instrumental, more focused on creating an atmosphere, but vocals will be present in some songs or albums by specific artists. Laid-back, more relaxed music with a swing-style percussion pattern further defines this genre. It will usually fall under the umbrella term of "downtempo" music.

A few specifics of Balearic house music include its special percussion pattern, although this has changed and fallen out of usage in the new Balearic house music. Its mix of many different styles is also quite apparent, having an essence of electronica, funk, dub, Latin, soul and others as well. In this sense, it doesn’t follow any strict musical structure, which is quite special, in itself.

history of electronic music

During the mid-1980s is when this music first came into being, mainly being produced on the Balearic island of Ibiza. About ten years later, during the mid-1990s, this genre gained popularity on this island as well as other places in Europe, specifically in Spain, however.

Three DJs from the United Kingdom are credited for the creation of Balearic house. After being introduced to several different styles of music played in Ibiza, they went back to London to try and develop this specific music style. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful in this endeavor. After visiting Ibiza a second time and renting a villa there, where they held an event for many of his DJ friends, he moved back to London to try again.

After returning to London, and opening a second nightclub, featuring this music on Monday nights, he was more successful in getting the Balearic sound of Ibiza known during the later parts of the 1980s. He is also credited for getting this type of music known in parts of the United States, as well.

Balearic Beat Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 90-115

Where It Originated: Balearic Islands, Ibiza, Spain

Stylistically Similar To: House, Electronica, R&B

Year Developed: Mid-1980s


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