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Berlin School music is much less focused on rhythm or percussion and more ambient in sound. It's one of the genres responsible for giving influences to other genres, such as new age and trance. Coming from krautrock (an experimental style of music, will be more thoroughly discussed below), it's obviously going to be rather experimental in nature. Due to this, the styles can vary from one artist to the next.

Generally speaking, it will be slower, softer and more relaxed than other genres, usually lacking a specific structure, similar to ambient. In this sense, it can be used like ambient, and is somewhat related to it. This genre will share some characteristics about the feel in the ones it gave its roots to. That being said, don't forget that this type of music can vary quite a bit, not necessarily avoiding or going for a specific sound.

A Twitter follower of mine chimed in about the sound of this genre, stating that even though it's influenced by ambient music, there is a lot of rhythm that can be found with the use of synthesizers and monosynths. Credit for this information goes to Bouvetøya (@bouvetoyamusic).

history of electronic music

Can you guess where this sub-genre of electronica music came from? I bet you can't! Berlin? Wrong! West Berlin. Yes, this form of electronica (sometimes known by the same name with the addition of "Electronic Music") came from West Berlin, Germany, and evolved from what is known as "krautrock".

Krautrock is a term used to describe certain, and usually quite intensely experimental types of music in Germany (similar to electronica, but is more driven to rock). This genre derived from krautrock, which was a term developed in the late 1960s, even before electronica, but is known as one of electronica's sub-genres.

This genre was developed in the early 1970s and had a little bit of success in Europe for a time, when it first came out. But at present, few know of this genre outside the specialized clubs dedicated to it. There are, however, notable artists in this genre that continue to make this music today. And like with many underground genres, with just the right amount of water, it is sure to break the soil (wow).

Berlin School Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 80-120

Where It Originated: West Berlin, Germany

Stylistically Similar To: Ambient, New Age, Experimental

Year Developed: Early 1970s


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