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Chicago House

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Chicago house music is a term used to describe the first house music produced in Chicago. So stylistically, it's not different, as this genre really just describes the early forms of house music, to be made specifically in the Chicago area, which is described by its typical 4/4 beat (also known as common time), with its bass drum hitting on the quarter notes and simple, repeating basslines.

Early house music draws some major influences from disco, and is said to have derived from it, and thus will be quite similar to it. House music is a bit less focused on the use of traditional instruments and more focused on experimentation of electronic instruments, like the synthesizer, drum machine, sampler and sequencer. Some influences from techno can also be heard, and at one point, they were even considered the same thing.

When house music first came into being, it drew many stylistic properties of disco, and its tempo was about the same as well, falling around 120-125 beats per minute, but as it progressed, it eventually got faster and faster, up to about 135-140 beats per minute range for some house songs.

This song is one of the earliest examples of this music.

history of electronic music

It is generally accepted that the first house-like song came into being around 1984, when a DJ took some ealier disco songs and used electronic instruments to remix it. Similar to Detroit techno (the first form of techno which describes the early and first styles of techno music), this Chicago based house music is the same (it describes the early and first forms of house music, where it originated).

During the end of the 1970s, there was an event, a backlash against disco music that drastically hurt its popularity. This is where house music came in. During the early 1980s, DJs started to experiment with electronic instruments, and were remixing older disco songs with said instruments. This was eventually known as "house music."

This music is being created all over the world, and is doing very well in the music industry, having several record labels lining up to produce new music for upcoming artists. This specific genre only describes the Chicago based productions of early house music. But it wouldn't be wrong to say it describes any house music produced in Chicago, where it’s also doing very well.

Chicago House Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 120-140

Where It Originated: Chicago, United States

Stylistically Similar To: Disco, House, Techno

Year Developed: Early 1980s


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You are at Chicago house.

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