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electronic music genres
sound of electronic music

Chillwave, being a relatively new genre (great, now I'll be able to update this later), it may have not had enough time to generate as many artists as other genres, giving them their unique and "stand-out" sound. But it can be described as taking modern day electronic sounds and styles, and mixing them with older 1980s electronic music styles.

Synthpop and ambient styles can be heard, along with varying degrees of its several genre origins. These can include genres like new wave, and the more specific genre of ambient: ambient house (both of which can be considered big influences). Simple melodies will form the personality of the song, while short samples may be used in a repeating pattern. As this genre develops and gets more diverse, the styles will vary more, but more characteristics will emerge as well, being able to better define this genre.

history of electronic music

This type of music (sometimes called glo-fi) is one of the newer genres, only being created in the mid-2000s. There has been some debate on whether or not this should be considered an actual genre. This is due to the fact that this genre wasn't created in a traditional sense. This genre was created by a blogger, on a radio blog. Genres will typically have a specific geographical location, but this blogger assembled this genre using people from all over the United States.

Glo-fi (getting to know both terms is a good idea) has its origins in the United States (apparently not specific enough), and was created by the aforementioned blogger, via his radio blog. The first album to really start its movement was released in 2007. It's still too early to tell if this will be a hit genre or not (yep, more updating).

When the genre was first introduced, there was only a handful of bands or artists, but the genre is growing. Many artists are finding their way into the glo-fi arena. What will happen with the future of this young genre is unknown.

Chillwave Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 90-130

Where It Originated: United States

Stylistically Similar To: New Wave, Ambient House, Synthpop

Year Developed: Mid-2000s


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