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Darkstep is a sub-genre of drum and bass and draws many influences from other genres. This can give it a very unique sound, because the genres it does come from are all different in their own ways. Each adds something to the overall sound and structure of the music, and gives it a defining quality. Noticing the "step" part of the genre name, you can believe there will be a lot of influence from dubstep as well.

This includes techstep, mainly because it has a similar sound to it, using its overly distorted basslines, and is said to have evolved from it. Break music goes in here as well, because of its heavy use of breakbeats. Dark ambient plays a big role as well, because of the similar noises that can be heard. And last but not least, we have neurofunk, which shares many characteristics with it, but has a much cleaner sound.

This genre uses the Amen Break quite often, like many forms of drum and bass, such as neurofunk. Where the dark sounds come from are a combination of the influence of dark ambient and the use of the chromatic scale, which adds to the overall darkness of the sound. Prominent basslines and fast, high-energy drums are a must for most sub-genres of drum and bass.

It can also be noted that darkcore, a sub-genre of hardcore music plays a big role as well. It can even be argued that it's a fusion genre of drum and bass and darkcore, because it has many stylistic similarities to it. The main one however is its ability to sound dark, and create a moody or sinister atmosphere.

It can sometimes include samples of horror movies or pieces of vocals for added effect. The drum patterns and basslines tend to be more complicated and harder than in other forms of dnb, and the snare drum usually has a dissonant feel, due to the ringing it produces.

Here is a good 30 minute mix of this music. You can easily tell it grabs a lot of influences from dubstep, and also has a nice, dark feeling to it.

history of electronic music

There's not much history available for darkstep, as it's not very popular and never really hit the mainstream audience. What is known, however, is that it came into being during the late 1990s and is one of the first sub-genres of drum and bass. It originated out of Europe and North America during this time, but didn't reach much further than that.

Who the very first artist was, where he came from, etc... is still under speculation, unless someone wants to tell me otherwise. If so, feel free to contact me in the "Contact Me" button at the top of the page. Be sure to also tell me about any notable events, or anything of that matter. If someone out there is a big fan of this music and knows all there is to know about it, please hit me up. You will be given credit. :)

Darkstep Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 160-180

Where It Originated: Europe, North America

Stylistically Similar To: Techstep, Neurofunk, Dark Ambient

Year Developed: Late 1990s


General Drum and Bass - Back to the overview of drum and bass.

Darkstep - It's dark, fast and full of energy. What more could you ask for?

Dubstep - Get with the "WUB WUB WUB" and feel that intense bass!

Post-Dubstep - The evolution of dubstep. Productions from 2011 and on.

Jump-Up - Jump up for this music! You really don't have a choice.

Liquid Funk -Softer and more ambient in nature. Does it taste good?

Neurofunk - Evolved from techstep, having many similarities to jazz and funk as well.

Techstep - A very technical genre, as well as being quite... step-like. Just read the page.

You are at darkstep.

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