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Deep House

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Deep house music can be considered a fusion genre of Chicago house and types of jazz and funk from the 1980's. Hints of soul music can also be found within this music. And because of these genres all coming together to form one genre, it gives it quite a unique sound.

This genre of music is one of the more complex and technical ones, incorporating many musical techniques than most electronic music genres don't use, but are more commonly found in soul and jazz. If there are vocals (which are more common in this genre than with many other types of house music) they will have a soulful or ambient feel to them.

Another aspect of this music is the purposeful use of dissonant melodies, usually something to avoid in most types of music, but this one is an exception, because it goes along with the lounge feel quite well. And unlike many electronic genres (especially trance) it doesn't usually reach a "high point" in the song (also called a climax) and instead maintains a constant feel throughout the track.

history of electronic music

This genre of house came into being at the middle to end of the 1980s in the United States. It is said that the song for bringing Detroit techno into the scene ("Strings of Life" in 1987) plays the same role as the song that did the same thing for this genre ("Mystery of Love" in 1985 and especially "Can You Feel It?" in 1986).

The genre took a little bit of a turn during the early to mid-1990s, incorporating many aspects of disco music. There have even been debates as to whether this newer genre should be fused into a "disco house" genre. And after the 2000's it started to incorporate many elements of tech house, but maintained its complexity where tech house is more about simplicity.

It enjoyed a good amount of mainstream success during the mid-1990s, specifically from 1994-1995. In this period the genre really took form and developed. After that time, it dropped in popularity a bit, but went worldwide during the 2000s and had a revival. It’s currently popular in many places around the world, including Chicago, LA, Europe, Ibiza and Japan.

Deep House Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 120-130

Where It Originated: The United States

Stylistically Similar To: Chicago House, Tech House, Jazz

Year Developed: Mid-1980s


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You are at deep house.

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