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electronic music genres
sound of electronic music

The demoscene is a large group of people who create what is known as "demos." These demos aren't solely music, and may not even be considered a genre. It's an audio/visual form of art. As far as the sound is concerned, it will typically be similar to chiptune, with some trance and/or techno qualities thrown in. Using the same 8-bit computer software and sound chips. Although, it's more common on the later 16 and 32-bit computers for personal use.

A demo will usually consist of short chiptune style melodies, that will loop or change as the artist desires. Since the demos in this genre also have a strong focus on programming and visually artistic abilities, it's harder to put a direct definition on the sound. It will be game-like, usually with synthpop style sounds and repeating percussion (if any is present). Although some later demos will feature more advanced technology, boasting sophisticated sounds and structures, produced with high level programs.

history of electronic music

When this genre first came into being, the computers used for it had many technical limitations. The demoers used every trick they could to get the most out of these systems. This created a very competitive atmosphere for the demoers, all of whom were trying to outperform each other with virtually the same equipment. With technological advancements, however, these limitations are begin removed greatly, but the old-school demoers weren't happy about this, because it takes a lot of the programming challenge away.

The earliest demo-like programs can be found in the early 1950s, and they were called display hacks. However, it wasn't until the late 1970s that something with more similarities showed up. Still just plain text crediting the cracker, this was the beginning of what would later be known as a demo. Later, during the mid-1980s and onward, these graphical and musical demonstration became more visually and artistically more impressive.

Demos can most commonly be found as software cracks. A software crack is a tool that is used to change or remove certain things in a program (sometimes called a "keygen," a crack is usually used to remove the limited features and restrictions in a trial version on a program that costs money). These are called "crack intros" (sometimes called "cracktros"). There is now a new subculture that have split off from the demoscene, focused only on these crack intros.

Demoscene Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 120-140

Where It Originated: Netherlands

Stylistically Similar To: Chiptune, Techno, Trance

Year Developed: Early 1970s


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Demoscene - A genre focused not only on music, but artistic and visual skills as well.

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