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Detroit Techno

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Detroit techno has the base sound for techno in general, because it was the first type of techno to be created. But more specifically, the use of the Roland TR-909 analog synthesizer and drum machines from the 1980s. They play a strong role in this genre of techno. The use of more modern software and digital production techniques can also mimic the sounds produced with the above synthesizer.

The early techno themes were usually in reference to robots and futurism in general. The Bellevue Three picked the term "techno," and was sometimes used to describe a more technical version of house music.

In regards to the rhythm style and percussion, it will usually have a prominent bassline, which will usually make up the base of the song (no pun intended). A snare hit will usually be placed on the 2nd and 4th notes, but unlike most variants of techno music, the bass drum won't necessarily be placed on every quarter note.

history of electronic music

This type of techno music is said to be the birth place of techno. That is, the place where techno is said to have originated. In Detroit, Michigan. It was around the middle of the 1980s that this genre was born, by three certain artists, called "The Belleville Three." It is thought to have derived from Chicago's earlier style of house music.

During the end of the 1980s was when this form of techno was at an all-time high in popularity. During this time, there were many Chicago based clubs featuring this specific type of music and many artists embraced the style and created their own.

However, during the early 1990s, Detroit's techno scene had started to shift, having a stronger influence on drug use, and this showed in the later releases in the music, featuring faster, harder and dirtier productions. The original fans started to withdraw from this scene due to this and the genre had its reputation tarnished a bit during this time.

Starting from around the mid-1990s, artists started to experiment with a more ambient sound. More calmed down and slower in pace. Also during this time, there was an interest in the African-American style of drumming, to be later used in this music.

In the 2000s, there was a music festival dedicated to Detroit's music called the "Detroit Electronic Music Festival." Fans of this music from all over the world built a pilgrimage near the Detroit River. In 2003, the name changed to just "Movement," then in 2005, the name changed again to "Fuse-In," and finally in 2007, it had one final name change, to be called "Movement: Detroit's Electronic Music Festival." DJs and producers can show off their work here, but not only for Detroit's style of techno music. Any type of electronic music can be showcased and performed in this event.

Detroit Techno Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 120-140

Where It Originated: Detroit, Michigan, United States

Stylistically Similar To: Techno, House, Synthpop

Year Developed: Mid-1980s


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