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Drone Music

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sound of electronic music

Drone music is very slow and minimal in nature and often sounds like elongated notes, played for a long time. Repeating patterns of these notes, very little harmony and melody (if any) and probably the same amount of rhythm. As is the case with most ambient styles of music. Percussion is also going to be very rare unless having some direct impact on the overall sound.

Artists in this genre focus on creating an atmosphere of slowed time. Or try and give the illusion that time has slowed. This specific trademark of drone makes it easy to recognize. This is done by very slowly changing sounds of the song. Usually, a single note will be played throughout the entire song, perhaps with additions or subtractions later on.

Even though the above description fits almost all drone types of music, different artists will give their music its personality by adding the background sounds and noises of their choice. In this way, the drones are the core of the music, and the additional sounds give it its uniqueness. In addition, artist may use noises similar to what can be found in dark ambient music.

history of electronic music

Drone based artists have been apparent since the 1960s. Many explorers of this style of music and experimentalists have helped in the development of this genre. Its popularity is quite low, especially when talking about ambient drone specifically. There are still drone artists who create this type of music and is still a tradition in some parts of the world.

This style of music actually has many different names, like ambient drone, dronescape and dronology. It can also simply be called "drone." A "drone" is actually just a note, perhaps a series of notes, or a chord sustained for nearly the entire (or the entire) song. Before electronic music, a drone could very well be performed with other instruments, like the traditional bagpipes and tambura.

Drone Music Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: No General BPM

Where It Originated: Scotland, India, Australia

Stylistically Similar To: Ambient, Dark Ambient, New Age

Year Developed: 1960s (1990s-2000s for the electronic types)


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