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Drum and Bass Music (D&B)

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Drum and bass music is fast paced, high energy music that is typically performed at nightclubs by a DJ and his/her selection of music. However, in the later years, live D&B concerts can be found and are performed with musicians playing electric or acoustic instruments.

sound of electronic music

As you may have guessed, D&B places the most importance and emphasis on, well, drums and bass. The characteristics of this genre typically have powerful bass (often many types of bass effects, base lines, etc...) and use the kick drum to its fullest effect, while drawing a few influences from techno, as well. It's very popular in the clubhouse and party scenes, utilizing powerful sound systems to really feel the bass.

This style of music is typically much faster than others, going up to nearly 200 beats per minute at times, although generally, it maintains a 170-180 beats per minute status. It's quite difficult to summarize D&B into the above, because it can vary so much. Thankfully, we have sub-genres to help with this.

history of electronic music

Drum and bass music gained its popularity in the mid-1990's, mainly in the United Kingdom, where it originated (Bristol and London, to be specific). In later years, the popularity would grow to encompass Europe and North America as well.

It can be argued that D&B evolved from jungle music, although it's usually accepted that jungle music is D&B, and vice-versa. After jungle music became associated with violence and crime, music producers decided to take a different route and started calling their music "drum and bass" to differentiate themselves from jungle music.

Jungle can also be considered the D&B of the early 1990s, thus the reason for some believing that it succeeded jungle as a genre. As time went on, and the rave scene grew, it can be noted that the speed and tempo of the music steady grew into what is now D&B.

General Drum and Bass Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 170-190 (Earlier forms are slower. Usually below 150.)

Where It Originated: United Kingdom

Stylistically Similar To: Jungle, Ragga, Techno

Year Developed: Early to Mid-1990's

Below is an incomplete list of the many sub-genres that make up drum and bass (in alphabetical order). You are on the "General Drum and Bass" page right now, clicking it will return you here.


General Drum and Bass - Back to the overview of drum and bass.

Darkstep - It's dark, fast and full of energy. What more could you ask for?

Dubstep - Get with the "WUB WUB WUB" and feel that intense bass!

Post-Dubstep - The evolution of dubstep. Productions from 2011 and on.

Jump-Up - Jump up for this music! You really don't have a choice.

Liquid Funk -Softer and more ambient in nature. Does it taste good?

Neurofunk - Evolved from techstep, having many similarities to jazz and funk as well.

Techstep - A very technical genre, as well as being quite... step-like. Just read the page.

You are at drum and bass music.

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