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Electro House

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Electro house is a fusion genre of electroclash and tech house, and thus will have similarities relating to both of these genres. It’s one of the hardest and most intense forms of house music, and many artists and DJs can take that quality to very high limits, almost as a challenge to see how hard they can make it (without straying into the hardcore genre, that is).

For general house music, its tempo is pretty average, coming in at around 130 beats per minute. Since tech house has an average of about 135 beats per minute and general house has an average of 125 beats per minute, it falls pretty much in the middle.

A few of the things that gives this music its hard sound is the heavily distorted basslines that will usually be created with saw waves, compression and of course, distortion. The bassline in this genre (the way it sounds, the structure, pattern, etc...) is the most important aspect and gives it its presence.

Since it draws heavy influences from tech house, another quality of this music, similar to tech house, is the short, high-pitched strings of notes, and a certain lack of percussion, to rely more on the bassline. And similar to electroclash, it will incorporate elements such as heavy and abrasive synth sounds and samples.

An amazing example of this fine music!

history of electronic music

This genre came into being around the late 1990s, but from where it originally came from isn't known for sure. During the middle of the 2000s, it exploded as a musical genre and in the process, overshadowed the genres in which it was born from, electroclash and tech house, although some other genres have been mentioned as well, such as synthpop.

It has spawned many subgenres in its popularity as well, and these include:

Complextro: Complextro is a type of music that is, well, complex. It incorporates chiptune type sounds and has a dubstep feel to it, having glitchy and complex basslines and synth sounds played with several different instruments in quick succession.

Dutch house: Dutch house (sometimes called dirty Dutch) is a style of electro music that originated in the Netherlands and uses Latin-influenced drum kits to produce the music. It is said to grab some influences from Detroit techno as well.

Fidget house: As the name may suggest, fidget house sounds like what electro would be if it was having a seizure, incorporating a glitch sounding 4/4 beat pattern, vocal samples and pitch-shifted basslines.

Moombahton: Moombahton is really more of a subgenre of Dutch house, because it fuses that genre with reggaeton. Besides the tempo, being around 108 beats per minute, this genre doesn't have many special characteristics besides its spread-out basslines and quick drum fills.

Electro House Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 130

Where It Originated: Unknown

Stylistically Similar To: Electroclash, Tech House, Synthpop

Year Developed: Late 1990s


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You are at electro house.

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