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Electro Swing

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Electro swing is a type of music that fuses elements of a couple different types of electronic music, including house music of course, and some forms of electronic dance music. But most importantly, it incorporates the sound of swing into its style. Mixing the swing sound with the more modern and club focused presences of house music, a new genre is born.

Being a very new genre, while taking influences from a very old genre, it doesn't have a super solid characteristic list that makes this music special. Having only recently being created, there are still a few things that make this music stand out.

What it takes from swing is the vocals, some of its instrumentation and the typical rhythms and melodies. These characteristics are then enhanced with more modern electronic sounds and basslines which follow house-like characteristics. This makes it more danceable and compatible with dance and night clubs alike. It has a pretty average tempo of around 125-135 beats per minute.

Here is a 30 minute mix! Enjoy!

history of electronic music

This genre of music was discovered in the middle to late parts of the 2000s, but wasn't really defined as a genre until around 2009, when compilation albums started being released by different artists, defining the genre. Later in that same year, a club was built specifically for this music in London. And in 2010, another club was opened in Brighton, and this club opened the Brighton Festival Fringe in April of the same year.

One of the founding artists of this music went on to several different night clubs to showcase this music, boosting its popularity and launching other night clubs of the same type around the world. And in 2011, the very first festival was held for this genre of music in London. It was an all-day event, dedicated to it.

There is another form of this music called swing house. It came out around the early 1980s, when artists started to experiment with samplers and looping parts of swing music with jazz. It originated in Chicago and was at its highest point in popularity during the late 1990s. After that, it had seemed to vanish from the music industry until the middle parts of the 2000s.

At this point, swing house had a big revival when it associated itself with the upcoming "jacking house" genre. Several artists had a big part in re-establishing the specific style which thrives today.

Electro Swing Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 125-135

Where It Originated: Europe

Stylistically Similar To: Swing, House, Jazz

Year Developed: Mid-2000s


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You are at electro swing.

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