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Electrofolk (also known as folktronica) is a sub-genre of electronica music, and fusion between electronic music in general and the folk style featuring many elements of this music (more will be discussed about folk music later in the page). It will typically use stringed instruments as a core sound with elements of dance music as the rhythm. The electronic part comes from the rhythm and the fact that computers are usually used in the production of this music.

In order to better understand the fusion, it's best to know a little more about it. First, there are many types and variants of folk music and many different sounds that can come from it. This is because music from different parts of the world will have their own sound. It's like a reflection of their culture.

Some of the characteristics, however, can be found in most forms. These are the use of drones, like in drone music, bagpipes for example, acoustic instruments, etc... The structure is usually pretty simple and some of the instruments that are used are ones not normally found in a band (rare instruments, if you will). And often, it isn't played by a large group, and usually played outside for others to hear.

history of electronic music

Electrofolk was introduced by artist Jim Byers on his website, which has since been removed from the internet (I tried it myself, just gives me a blank page). It emerged during the early 2000s with an album titled "Folktronic" by Momus. Other artist's music as well can describe this music, mainly the productions of Kieran Habden and the Twisted Nerve record label during the same time.

Another genre that was spawned off of this one is called "Laptop folk," which is apparently created on a laptop and takes on a more minimalistic approach than the original. It will replace lutes and other instruments by electronically created sounds to make a new type of music.

Some artists that can define this genre include Eugene Francis Jnr, a British musician that used to be a part of several alternative rock bands with his album "The Golden Beatle." His album, "The Golden Beatle" was released in 2008. Another artist that is related to this genre is Four Tet with his album "Pause." This album was released much earlier, in 2001, making him one of the earliest producers in this genre.

Electrofolk Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: Varies too much to give an average beats per minute.

Where It Originated: United Kingdom

Stylistically Similar To: Folk Music, Electronica, Classical

Year Developed: Early 2000s


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