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sound of electronic music

Eurodisco's sound is like what would happen when mixing disco with the other European styles of dance music from the 1970s. Tastes of pop, rock and new wave flavors define this genre. It's said to have derived from some other European styles of music, like eurodance and europop.

Being a dance style genre, the 4/4 pattern will be quite common, and will usually feature that famous dance style pattern of percussion (that will commonly be used in many forms of dance music, like EDM and trance) , which has the bass drum hitting on the quarter notes and the snare hitting in the 2nd and 4th notes. Synthesizer effects throughout will be quite common as well.

Even though this genre was born and developed in Europe, many of the singers and songwriters sing and write in English, even when most of them have a different native language. This is another aspect of this music that gives European music a defining quality.

history of electronic music

European disco originated in the United States... No, not really. It originated in Europe, big surprise. But mainly in the countries of Germany, Italy and France. This genre arose during the 1970s and is known to be a derivative of the European styles of disco and the general European electronic dance styles.

In around 1974, a contest was held for European pop artists. The winner of that contest created a song, typical of europop, but with a more dance oriented structure, style and feel. The popularity of this song exploded and many other artists tried to recreate this feel, and thus sprung eurodisco into existence.

During this time, a spin-off genre known as space disco was created, in relation to this genre with a mix of United States' Hi-NRG genre. And later, in the 1980s, European disco was quickly overshadowed by another genre, called italo disco in Europe, but in the United States, the term Hi-NRG was used instead.

So, by the mid-1980s, this genre started to see a decline in popularity, due to the aforementioned genres taking over. But by the late 1990's it saw a small revival and a renewed interest in the European disco scene, where several artist had a surge in popularity by creating music under this name.

This European disco style of music had a big influence of the United States during the early 1980s, shortly after the backlash of general disco in the United States. With the European twist on the music, artists started creating music under this label and were rewarded with success for doing so.

Eurodisco Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 120-140

Where It Originated: Europe (More specifically: Germany, France and Italy)

Stylistically Similar To: Europop, Eurobeat, Disco

Year Developed: 1970s


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