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FL Studio Fruity Edition 11 Review

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Hi everyone. I'm going to review the FL Studio Fruity Edition 11 today!

I've been using the Image-Line range of products for several years now, and have much experience using the software. In my opinion, it is one of the best for a serious producer of electronic music. When choosing which package to buy, you can decide that on your needs. The package I'm reviewing is the basic one, therefor it's the cheapest, but a very good starter pack, none the less.

If you're a very experienced electronic music producer, it would probably be a better idea to splurge on one of the more expensive FL Studio packs, like the Producer or Signature Bundle. Below are some specifications of Fruity Edition:

FL Studio Fruity Edition 11 is mainly for musical producers who need the Piano roll for melodies. These melodies can be both simple or complex, depending on the producers preference. With Fruity Edition, you can add long and complex arrangements and sequences via the Playlist Pattern Clips. Also automation of the program and plugin parameters are possible.

What is possible with FL Studio Fruity edition 11:

The most important features include the Piano Roll, The playlist (to store all of your melodies from the piano roll) and event automation.

This means that Fruity edition opens the full instrumental and musical performance capabilities:

  • Piano roll enables unlimited length patterns and the ability to record/play chords for each instrument Channel, for unlimited length patterns and chords.
  • Event Automation allows the control of almost any FL Studio parameter or plugin knob using the Event Editor. Record or ‘draw’ automation. This automation data is saved in Pattern Clips.
  • Playlist Pattern Clip arranging so an unlimited number of Pattern Clips can be stacked and or placed end-to-end in series in the Playlist to create complete musical works of unlimited complexity. Pattern clips can hold note (Piano roll / Stepsequencer) and Automation (Event Automation) data.
  • Client VST/Rewire support so you can use FL Studio as an instrument in VST/Rewire compatible 

Fruity Edition includes:

  • Program 999 different ‘loop’ patterns into the step-sequencer.
  • Enter beats or monophonic notes on each instrument Channel (unlimited Channels).
  • Enter velocity, pan, modulation, pitch and note-start offset per-note.
  • Each ‘loop’ pattern can consist of an unlimited number of Channel instruments/samples.
  • Route and mix Channels through any number of the 104 Mixer tracks and add effects such as delay, reverb, flanging chorusing, EQ etc.
  • Play back or render a single pattern at a time of up to 64 steps.
  • Render to wav, mp3 or ogg format.
  • Access to the Mixer (104 Mixer channels, rerouting, integrated EQ and more).
  • External MIDI control and recording.
  • Unlimited number of instrument Channels.
  • 4 to 64 notes in the Step Sequencer per pattern (up to 999 patterns).
  • FL Direct Wave (player).
  • Instruments included in FL Studio Fruity Edition 11 - TS404, 3OSC, Autogun, Channel Sampler, BooBass, Beepmap, Plucked, Fruit Kick, Chrome ,FPC, WaveTraveller, Dashboard, KB Controller, Fruity Vibrator, Midi Out, FL Slayer, FL Keys, Granuliser.
  • Effects included in FL Studio Fruity Edition 11 - Delay, Delay Bank, Equo, Flangus, Love Philter, Vocoder, Parametric EQ & EQ2, Multiband Compressor, Spectroman, Stereo Enhancer, Wave Candy, Wave Shaper, Soundgoodizer Supports unlimited VST & DX plugin instruments.
  • Import/Export to WAV, MP3, OGG & MIDI.
  • Piano typing keyboard. ASIO support (for low latency). Piano roll allowing chords and note-slides.
  • Playlist (Pattern Clip) arranging.
  • Full automation of all enabled parameters (as Event Automation).
  • Internal controllers as a modulation source.
  • Used as VST instrument in another host e.g. Cubase, Sonar, Logic, etc.
  • Used as a ReWire & VST client or host. + Simsynth Live synthesizer instrument. + Drumsynth Live percussion synthesizer. + DX10 FM synthesizer. + Wasp & Wasp XT synthesizers.
  • Lifetime free updates to Fruity Edition by download. This means every version of Fruity Edition (12, 13, 14, etc...) will come with absolutely no extra cost when they come out!!

To wrap this review up, I'm going to say... If you've already used, to an extent, another music production software, this basic version might not cut it. But if you're just a curious, or aspiring music producer, this is definitely a no-brainer. For its price, and what you get with it, you can't go wrong. It's definitely enough to get started.

I'm giving FL Studio Fruity Edition 11 a 4 out of 5, simply because it's not as diverse as it's more complex counterparts. Even so, for the cheap investment of about $50, it's a very, very good deal.

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