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Free Tekno

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Free tekno is a sub-genre of techno music, so if you were looking for free techno, you're out of luck, sorry. Anyway, this type of music is a bit different from general techno for a few reasons. One of the things that makes it stand out is that artists will use samples from many different sources to create their music. They can use audio clips from television shows, movies or pop culture (popular spoken lines from different sources, etc...).

Another defining quality is its speed. It can go as fast as nearly 200 beats per minute. Artists will use a darker sound in their work, which draws styles from hardcore, jungle, gabber, rave and others as well.

While this type of music was mainly created using the typical drum machines, synthesizers and keyboards, a rising number of people have started using computers and programs to create and perform the music. Since the hardware and software capabilities of these laptops are increasing at a very fast rate, the ability to use them for music production and performance is very great.

history of electronic music

This genre of music arose in the early 1990s. As for where is originally came from first isn't fully known, but the first producers could be found in the United Kingdom, France, Italy and several other locations.

The term "free tekno" is the way it is for a few reasons. Firstly, this type of music was mostly played at what is known as a free party, all around Europe. A free party is a place where people can go to listen to this music, free of charge and free of rules and laws. For this reason, drug use and illegally loud music is quite common at these night clubs. The word "tekno" is purposefully misspelled to differentiate between techno music .

The artists in this genre don't care for money or fame and purposefully avoid these things by changing record labels often and using pseudonyms (having fake names). For this reason, tekno is underground, but still evolving as of today, but one of the things that appeal to these artists is the fact that it is an underground genre, so perhaps that won't change.

Free Tekno Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 170-200

Where It Originated: United Kingdom, France, Italy

Stylistically Similar To: Hardcore, Gabber, Techno

Year Developed: Early 1990s


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