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French House Music

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French house music (like Chicago house) is a subgenre of house music that includes all house productions in France by French artists. It's a form of Eurodisco and grabs some influences from it and several other electronic music genres, such as disco, Chicago house and HI-NRG to name a few.

French house defines its sound by using a heavy amount of phaser effects and filters to alter the sounds of 1970s and 1980s samples of American or European disco songs. Its tempo is pretty typical of house, coming in at around 120 beats per minute.

Like most forms of house, this genre will almost always be in common 4/4 time with a steady bass drum hitting on the quarter notes. A typical house bassline filtered with effects and some early disco style sounds, like its funky grooves.

history of electronic music

This genre emerged around the late 1970s, picking up where disco left off. It has some connection to space disco, a genre that didn't last very long, but was quite popular in France during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

French house really hit its first break in the middle to late 1990s, when a French artist became successful and spread the word around about this music. And because this artist was signed to a big record company, having music videos being produced for them and the social buzz coming from the huge night club scene, he was able to release his album which made it into the UK top 10 album charts.

Later in 2000, French house was still doing very well in the mainstream, having many new artists showing up and showing their support and contributions, producing hit singles around Europe. And later in the 2000s, it entered the pop scene, when an album was released by a popstar featuring heavily influenced French house tracks.

The term was first used on MTV in 1999, describing the explosion that this music was going though. Another term, "French touch" was used in 1996 by a music journalist describing the same thing (with a heavier influence on space disco).

French House Music Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 120

Where It Originated: France

Stylistically Similar To: Euro Disco, Space Disco, House

Year Developed: Late 1970s


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