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Gabber is a style of hardcore music that comes from acid house and different styles of techno music from the late 1980s. One of the main attributes is its speed; usually having a tempo of 180 beats per minute, but it's not uncommon for some tracks to fly above 200 beats per minute.

Another key element is its heavily distorted bass drum, so distorted in fact, that it becomes clipped into a square wave (a type of wave form that cuts sound, forming a clip-like sound). And with that, comes a melodic tone (something very uncommon for a bass drum). This melodic tone may even change during the course of the song, following the bassline.

The use of specific effects is quite apparent in this genre. The hoover effect for example is one of the most prominent, and has a distorted, sweeping sound, which gives the music a different feel depending on if it's played at a high or low pitch. At a low pitch, it will create a heavy, dark and sinister sound. And at higher pitches, it will become aggressive and can be described as having a shrieking sound. Newer forms will use a supersaw effect, similar to what trance uses in a lot of its music.

Lyrically, it's not what you would call polite. General themes in this music include profanity, drugs, violence and other forms of criminal activity. And vocally, it's just as raw, with the vocalist having pitch shifted or distorted voices. Or sometimes they'll just ditch the effects and simply scream.

A huge old school mix of this music! If you're a classic fan of this genre, you should enjoy this!

history of electronic music

The term for this genre of music comes from the slang word that's commonly used in Amsterdam for "friend," and its language of origin is that of the Bargoens and Yiddish. It was first used in an article by a DJ calling the clubbers by that word, and it gained popularity when another DJ, after reading the article, engraved the same word into a sentence on a vinyl record. The clubbers would soon be calling themselves "gabbers."

During the late 1980, there was a Detroit style house music variant that was popular in Amsterdam. The DJs and producers from Rotterdam eventually evolved that style into a harder form of music, thus creating this genre. It was also created as a backlash against general house music, because it was seen as too uptight and pretentious.

As of recent developments, this genre of music has grown to encompass many different countries including Germany, the United States, Balgium, Austria and the Netherlands to name a few. It has spawned several sub-genres, including old school, industrial and mainstream (formerly known as nu style) all defined by their speed and use of the kick drum.

Gabber Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 170-200

Where It Originated: Rotterdam

Stylistically Similar To: Industrial, Techno, Acid House

Year Developed: Early 1990s


General Hardcore - Back to the overview of hardcore.

4-Beat - Yes, it has four beats to the bar, along with other specifics.

Bouncy Techno - Deriving from gabber, while dawing influences from techno as well.

Breakbeat Hardcore - Hardcore breakbeats, influenced by techno and house music.

Darkcore - You won't be finding any happiness here.

Digital Hardcore - Fast, aggressive and full of attitude, these guys mean business.

Gabber - Be a Gabber for life and the Gabbers will welcome you with open beats.

Happy Hardcore - You won't be finding any darkness here.

Speedcore - It's fast, aggressive and angry. Perfectly fits into the hardcore puzzle.

UK Hardcore - Can you guess where this music comes from?

You are at gabber.

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