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Ghetto House

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Ghetto house (sometimes called booty house) is similar in nature with ghettotech, due to the sexually explicit lyrical content, mainly, which will typically feature… Anyway, this type of music will usually use the Roland 808 and 909 synthesizers in its music, and specifically, the "clap" and "tom" sounds on these synthesizers/drum machines are quite commonly found in the instrumentation as well.

Structurally, it takes on a minimalistic approach, and basically has a simple drum pattern (a bass drum on every quarter note, and a snare or clap on the second and fourth) and a rapping vocalist. It will rarely use heavy amounts of effects, or many of them at all. If you were to strip down house music, or Chicago house, specifically, to the drum pattern, you would get the basic instrumentation (but this isn’t always the case).

The Chicago Juke is a type of booty house music and is characterized by a much faster tempo, sometimes going up to 160 beats per minute. It will feature a syncopated drum style, with a rapidly pounding bass drum beat, with crackly sounding snares, and sometimes claps as well. The sort of sound that would be found on the older types of drum machines such as the previously mentioned Roland synthesizers.

history of electronic music

This genre of music was first seen as a separate type of music in the early 1990s. It was first discovered in the United States from the state of Chicago, a state where several other forms of electronic music originate from. There isn’t much history on booty house, because it’s a relatively new genre and hasn’t changed much over the couple of decades of its existence.

The style of dance known as "footwork," when danced to the Chicago Juke became quite popular in the European dance clubs (more specifically, the areas around Paris and Brussels) at around the same time of booty house’s creation. More recently, however, it has become a bit more popular in the United Kingdom as well, having a few clubs in that area specifically meant for this dance style and musical style as well.

The Chicago Juke is as much a dance style as it is a musical one, focusing on quick footwork and body movements, to be used during the music.

Ghetto House Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 140-150

Where It Originated: Chicago, United States

Stylistically Similar To: Ghettotech, House, Hip-Hop

Year Developed: Early 1990s


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You are at ghetto house.

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