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electronic music genres
sound of electronic music

Ghettotech has many different names, such as "getotek," "booty bass," "Detroit bass" and a few others. This genre of music will usually mix styles of Chicago’s electronic music with other styles, such as hip-hop, electro, techno, and certain variants of house music, like Chicago's ghetto house.

This type of music is much faster than most other genres of techno music, or even electronic music in general. Having a tempo going up to around 170 beats per minute, this genre is one of the fastest ones around (without being a genre that’s a genre due to its speed, like speedcore). The tempo increased as this genre developed to influence the dancers to move faster. It was originally around 150 and 160 beats per minute.

Lyrically, since it's similar to Miami bass, it will sometimes feature the harsher side of some of the Miami streets, explicit language, violence, the same things you will find in most forms of rap and hip-hop. This is the main theme of getotek, and is used quite frequently in the music.

The music drives at getting the people into a fast paced dance, known as a "jit," a type of dance that focuses on not only moving the feet in a fast style, but using the arms and body as well. Chicago has a dance style that is similar to this, called the "juke," a style of dance that focuses more on fast paced footwork.

history of electronic music

During the middle of the 1990s is when this genre of music came into being. It comes from the same place as techno does, from Detroit, Chicago. It was born as a style of DJing. A fast paced, eclectic mix of other styles and genres of DJing, like Miami Bass (a hip-hop style of music, usually with sexually explicit lyrics) and Detroit techno (the first form of techno music to be known).

During the year of 2011, this genre of music had a big break and became popular in the techno and tech house scenes, being related to them. Featuring party-like and hip-hop style vocals behind the trademark sound of getotek.

This genre of music plays a strong role in the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, an event held for all types of Chicago's electronic types of music. Artists from many different styles can come to showcase their work and perform live on stage. This event had many name changes, eventually just being called "Movement" in 2007. The Detroit Electronic Music Festival, when it was first introduced in 2000, had almost 1.5 million attendants, although it usually has 50-100 thousand attendants annually.

Ghettotech Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 150-170

Where It Originated: Detroit, Michigan, United States

Stylistically Similar To: Techno, Hip-Hop, Miami Bass

Year Developed: Mid-1990s


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Free Tekno - Played at free parties in Europe, this techno is fast, free and loud.

Ghettotech - Hailing from the same place as Detroit Techno, having hip-hop influences.

Minimal Techno - Using only the bare minimum to make the music. Back to the basics!

Schranz - Taking elements from hard techno, you can expect it to be, well, hard!

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