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Hardcore Music

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Featured Hardcore artist - Kman

Hardcore music is one of the fastest (if not the fastest) genres of music in the world, with the more popular genres of hardcore having an average tempo of 150 beats per minute, up to about 200 beats per minute. However, there are sub-genres (such as speedcore, a genre that goes above 300 beats per minute and splintercore, a genre that typically exceeds 700 beats per minute).

In addition, there is a subgenre of speedcore, known as extratone, a genre so fast that single notes cannot be heard and are perceived as audio tones, the only music that can fall under this genre has to be above 1000 beats per minute.

sound of electronic music

Aside from the ridiculously fast tempo in this music, there are a couple of other defining characteristics that makes this music hardcore. The heavy use of distortion in the music (both for percussion and basslines) is one such defining quality, and gives it that "hard" sound. Some forms of hardcore use breakbeats in the music, while others follow the traditional house music style of rhythm.

Obviously, its speed is also responsible for the hard sound as well, being intense and "in your face," so to speak. It shouldn’t be overlooked however, that some genres of hardcore can be slower than many other forms of music. New beat is one such example, having an average tempo of under 100 beats per minute, while sometimes falling under the genre of hardcore (for some types or artists of new beat, it's officially a sub-genre of house music).

Most artists in the genre of music will use personal computers to make the music. Because of the rapid advancements to technology and the ever expanding plethora of professional, studio quality music production software, artist have a nearly unlimited amount of resources and options, when it comes to making a unique sound for themselves.

history of electronic music

During the late 1980s, the hardcore sound of this music was being discovered in several locations in Europe. Namely, it was found in Belgium first, with Germany and the Netherlands to catch on to the hardcore scene soon after. It can be compared to other styles, like techno and acid house.

There have been several sub-genres to be created under hardcore, including, but not limited to:

Happy hardcore: An obviously happier genre of music, usually with happy or sentimental lyrics and a higher than average tempo, generally ranging from 170-190 beats per minute.

Freeform hardcore: A trance-inspired form of hardcore, typically featuring instrumentals rather than vocals and melodic trance-like leads.

Speedcore: As previously mentioned, this genre is a genre for its speed, and will need to exceed 300 beats per minute to fall under this genre.

Japanese hardcore (typically abbreviated as J-core): A type of music that obviously originated in Japan, which covers many styles of music, but most commonly, it will be a mix of speedcore, happy hardcore and freeform hardcore.

And several others as well.

Hardcore Music Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 150-200

Where It Originated: Belgium, Germany, Netherlands

Stylistically Similar To: Techno, Acid House, New Beat

Year Developed: Late 1980s


General Hardcore - Back to the overview of hardcore.

4-Beat - Yes, it has four beats to the bar, along with other specifics.

Bouncy Techno - Deriving from gabber, while dawing influences from techno as well.

Breakbeat Hardcore - Hardcore breakbeats, influenced by techno and house music.

Darkcore - You won't be finding any happiness here.

Digital Hardcore - Fast, aggressive and full of attitude, these guys mean business.

Gabber - Be a Gabber for life and the Gabbers will welcome you with open beats.

Happy Hardcore - You won't be finding any darkness here.

Speedcore - It's fast, aggressive and angry. Perfectly fits into the hardcore puzzle.

UK Hardcore - Can you guess where this music comes from?

You are at hardcore music.

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