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Ibiza Trance

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Ibiza trance (sometimes referred to as Balearic trance) is an interesting genre and one that evolved from Balearic beat, a sub genre of house music. It averages about 130 beats per minute, but can be as low as 125 BPM and as high as 145 BPM. It retains a lot of characteristics from Balearic beat, like the pulses of sound that make up the core of the music. Also, since it comes from Spain, there is a Latin quality to the music, making it calming and relaxing, similar to dream trance.

Some typical instruments to be used in this genre of music include the synthesizer, the keyboard, the sequencer and sometimes a sampler. Artists, having newer and better technology coming out, have been able to produce this type of music just using a computer, typically a laptop. There are many complex and sophisticated programs available to artists now that can allow them to create profession music with only a PC and a program.

This style of music is usually much softer in nature than normal trance, having many elements from both Balearic beat and trance music, such as the specific synth sounds. One of the more interesting components of this music is the nature sounds to be used, such as beach waves rolling, birds singing, etc... This is one of the main reasons it is so fitted to be played during summer times.

history of electronic music

Ibiza trance came around during the 1990s, only a few years after Balearic beat was introduced. Like mentioned earlier, it comes from Spain, and more specifically, it comes from the Balearic Islands of Spain. It is here that Balearic beat was also created, and gave influence to this genre.

During the middle of 2012, many artists, producers and DJs gave this fusion of trance and Balearic beat a new meaning. Instead of just a fusion between two genres, it was seen more as a separate genre altogether, and thus, it was born.

When it first came out during the mid-1990s, it was starting to gain popularity in many European clubs. DJs preferred to play this type of music in the summer, because the feel of it fits the summer mood very well. It is usually played around the party scene, where people will drink and mingle outdoors in the sand, or on beaches, but it can also be played indoors, at nightclubs.

Ibiza Trance Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 130

Where It Originated: Balearic Islands, Spain

Stylistically Similar To: Balearic Beat, Trance, House

Year Developed: Mid-1990s


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