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Italo Disco

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Like many forms of European music, Italo disco is typically sung in English, with the singers having heavy Italian or other accents. It borrows styles from traditional disco music, but is generally much more electronic in nature, using drum machines, samplers, keyboards and synthesizers, to name a few.

Stylistically, it's very much like eurobeat, but later eurobeat productions are very much faster in beats per minute (tempo) but some new releases do feature a slower tempo as well. Eurobeat is produced my Italian artists, but is sold exclusively to Japan, however.

Lyrically the themes of this music seem to drive towards love and romance in general, with some exception being about space or robots. Some artist may even combine these three subjects into a single song. Melody and catchy hooks also serve as a definitive point and important aspect of this music.

history of electronic music

This Italian based music was created in Italy around the middle of the 1970s, but was never produced much until the early to mid-1980s, where it became its most popular. It was very successful in Europe during this time. During the later years of the 1980s, however, this genre of music started to decline in popularity, as more and more artists started to drive toward the pop and Hi-NRG music scenes.

The term "italo" comes from the word Italian, obviously, but the whole term of the genre isn't credited to one single artist or record label. The term started to appear on disc covers during the early 1980s and it gained popularity as a separate genre after this time.

From the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s, general disco music declined in popularity after the 1979 backlash against disco in the United States. In Europe however, the dance club music scene remained vigilant and continued to grow. This Italian disco music especially was developing rather well into the 1980s.

At around the same time, other genres incorporating the electronic dance feel, mixed with disco came into being, like Hi-NRG and space disco. It is thought by many that 1983 was the best year for Italian disco music, having several popular singles released within this time, and having the term come into popular usage outside of Italy. Also during this time, it had taken over the older genre eurodisco.

While this genre did start to die out during the mid-1980s, at the turn of the century, it saw a big comeback into the mainstream world. At the end of the 1990s up until present time, to be specific. A popular group had reunited, remixing and re-releasing their work. Several other artists had started doing the same thing and record labels are becoming very active again. As of today, the Italian disco music scene is alive and well.

Italo Disco Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 120-140

Where It Originated: Italy

Stylistically Similar To: Eurodisco, Eurobeat, Hi-NRG

Year Developed: Mid-1970s


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