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electronic music genres
sound of electronic music

Jump-up is a genre of music that focuses on getting the crowd to... Well, jump up. It will usually have soft, ambient-like intros, followed by a cut (a sudden stop of all music) and the drop (a sudden re-entrance of the music. Used a lot in breakbeat). But in the case of this music, to give the crowd an incentive to jump up, it will be much faster and more energetic than the intro. Most commonly, the very popular "amen breakbeat" will be used for this.

The sound is usually less serious, light-hearted and not as dark as other drum and bass genres. Using melodic basslines (filtered through specific filters to give them a "wobble" sound), electronic type noises and sometimes using samples from hip-hop as well as upbeat drum loops.

A syncopated drum style is found quite commonly in this genre, similar to many jungle and drum and bass artists, but usually it will have a simple "step break" rhythm (a basic drum pattern that is hard to explain in writing). In a 16-beat pattern, it would look like this:

Kick 2 3 4 Snare 6 7 8 9 10 Kick 12 Snare 14 15 16, and repeat.

One of the main differences from this genre and other genres is the use of heavy basslines (as opposed to the much more distorted and lighter basslines of genres such as techstep). Flange effected drumrolls mainly composed of kicks can be found in many songs by many artists as well, another defining quality of this music.

history of electronic music

Around the early to mid-1990s is when this style of music was first discovered. It was around this time that many artist started to create music matching these characteristics. But because this genre of music is still quite new, it's still in development.

By the late 2000s, it can be found it many popular clubs in London and artists continue to produce this music, sticking to the original sound of its light-hearted, yet heavy bassline and syncopation.

As for where this genre of music came from isn't directly known. Who the first artist was to introduce this, where he was located or much information at the moment. For now, I will assume London, because there are the clubs featuring this music there.

Jump-Up Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 140-160

Where It Originated: London

Stylistically Similar To: Drum and Bass, Jungle, Breakbeat

Year Developed: Mid-1990s


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