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Liquid Funk

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Liquid funk is a type of music that concentrates on a creating an ambient like atmosphere. It draws many influences from disco and house music as well (which also draws influences from disco). While not being directly related to ambient music, it draws influences from this as well. Not being as ambient in nature as ambient music, it does have a few characteristics of it.

While this music does focus on creating an atmosphere by using soft synth strings, harmonies and ambient sounds, this music can be made for dancing as well, being just as popular at nightclubs as it is for home or personal use. The heavy use of vocals in this genre is quite apparent as well, but it’s not limited to this. Instrumental songs can be found within the genre as well.

A couple defining qualities included in this music is the use of amen breaks and the Roland TR-808 synthesizer/drum machine. The amen break is a type of breakbeat, first being introduced in the song of nearly the same name, during the late 1960s. And the Roland TR-808 is a popular synthesizer from the 1980s, used to produce the specific sounds for this genre.

history of electronic music

This genre of drum and bass is a very new one, only coming into usage in the early parts of the 2000s. It wasn't very popular when it was first created, but by the middle of the 2000s this genre really took off, gaining massive popularity and becoming one of the best-selling subgenres of drum and bass, having several big name record labels directly associated with this type of music.

In the United Kingdom is where this form of music was first discovered. It is here that most of these artists come from and produce the music, but as of recent developments, it's not only being produced in the United Kingdom, but all over the world as well.

During the middle to late 2000s a second wave of this music started. Several new artists creating music under this genre came into the scene. These new artists decided to focus on bringing new sounds to the scene and drop some of the original characteristics, like the previously mentioned amen breaks and 808 lines.

As of today, this genre of music is still thriving strongly in the mainstream music. Especially after 2007, when a single album brought back liquid funk into the mainstream, and kept it there long enough for other artists to maintain its mainstream status.

Liquid Funk Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 110-130

Where It Originated: The United Kingdom

Stylistically Similar To: House, Disco, Jazz

Year Developed: Early 2000s


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