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Microhouse (also referred to as buftech) takes influences from house music and glitch. It also has stylistic similarities to minimal techno, intelligent dance music and electronic art music. Techno and minimal techno have a similar relationship that house music and buftech have with each other. They are both minimal types of each other.

Buftech is like a minimal version of house music with some special characteristics. First, while it does generally keep the same drum structure, like the repetitive bass drum on the quarter notes, it will replace the typical bass drum sound with something else. These sounds can include white noise, clicks, computer noises, or something completely and totally random, like a spoon hitting a cup.

One of the most important (if not the most important) instruments in this genre of music is the sampler. This gets used heavily, especially in this genre of music. Artists will take short samples of voices or other more random noises and incorporate them into the track. Some may also use samples from the radio, television or other forms of media.

history of electronic music

A glitch artist in Germany was the first one to release a track with buftech specifications. This was in 1993 and took many influences from minimal techno, glitch and house music. But the first "real" buftech track didn't come out until much later in the 1990s, when a artists had released a song that reached mainstream status.

It was during the early parts of the 2000s that this music started to take off. With many new record labels popping up ready to sign new artists under this genre, it had its first big break.

While buftech is still not as widely known as its competitors or the genres it derived from, it has a few scenes in several cities including Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle and other cities around the United States. It is also gaining popularity in many places around Europe as well, like Germany, France and Italy. It has even gotten some European radioplay in these places.

Microhouse Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 110-130

Where It Originated: Europe

Stylistically Similar To: Minimal Techno, Glitch, Intelligent Dance Music

Year Developed: Late 1990s


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You are at microhouse.

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