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My Music

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You can download or listen to my music here. I started this website because I have a passion for electronic music. I've been experimenting and creating music for about seven years (both electronically and not) and have loved every moment of it (except the parts where my computer crashes and erases everything. That's not very fun).

Here, you can listen to tracks of my music. There are 13 tracks, which total 47 minutes. It's all instrumental. I'm not sure of the genre actually, I mostly listen to trance and uplifting trance to be specific so I figure some influences would be in there, but I will just call it electronica, for convenience. And if you like what you hear, you may be so kind as to support my music and buy my album.

Even While Falling (Uplifting Trance Album) - $6.99

Uplifting Trance

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Below are some tracks from my album. If you like what you hear, I would be so thankful if you would support me in my dream and buy my album. Thanks a lot!

If you have any issues in the processing, or if there is something you would like to say, please use the "contact me" page to send a message. You may also join me on Facebook or Twitter to follow all of the progress of the site, and be kept up to date on my new releases, because I'm currently working on my second album, and it should be out in 2013.

It's live on Amazon MP3, and you can purchase it by clicking here, or on the album image above. Samples can also be heard on Amazon, and you may purchase individual tracks for $0.89 as well, if you please.

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