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Psychedelic Trance

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Psychedelic trance (also known as psytrance) is a form of trance music that is characterized by specific arrangements. It has a very hypnotic sound, and uses complicated riffs coupled with fast-paced melodies. It can have many different characteristics depending on the artist and the mood they're going for.

It typically has a tempo of about 140BPM to 150BPM, so it's one of the faster trance genres. It uses a resonated bass that will typically play throughout the entire song, and different rhythms originating from techno, acid house and trance. Its tracks are typically very long, ranging from 6 minutes up to 10 or more minutes.

The many subgenres psytrance has spawned helps to differentiate the styles and musical structures. These subgenres include:

Psybreaks: The psytrance subgenre psybreaks takes on a more breakbeat feel, as it's more of a fusion genre between the two. It will use breakbeat basslines and percussion, with a heavy influence on psytrance. It came onto the scene during the late 1990s.

Full On: The subgenre Full On takes on a more upbeat, and mainstream sound, making it the most popular form of psytrance to date. It has a very smooth bassline and quickly changing melodies. It has an uplifting sound to it, because of the melodic nature and upbeat feel.

Dark psytrance: You can probably tell by the name of this genre that is has more of a darker nature to it. It is a bit faster than typical psytrance, going anywhere from 140 BPM to 200 BPM. It originated in Germany, Russia and Denmark during the early 2000s. It became more popular in 2004, mainly being produced in Denmark. Some fans of this music say it has a "punk rock" feel to it.

Progressive: Progressive psytrance has a much slower tempo than the normal genre, typically going from 120 BPM to 140 BPM. It has a much cleaner sound than the other subgenres, along with better constructed percussion and complex melodies.

history of electronic music

Psychedelic trance was first created during the early 1990s, but it wasn't very popular until the middle of the 1990s. Since then, it has spawned many subgenres, as listed above. Goa trance was a big inspiration of psytrance and developed alongside it.

Its main countries of origin are Israel, Goa and India. Goa trance was the first to come out, and actually, psytrance is more of an evolution of Goa trance. Well, in 1996, the "Goa" sound had been changed so drastically, that it was giving a new name, and this is how it was born. 

The first real, totally devoted album to psytrance was created in 1998. This album really defined the changed and progression from the two genres, a real landmark album. It was titled "Radio" by "X-Dream." This genre is still doing very well in the mainstream music industry and continues to thrive as a favorite among many trance artists.

Psychedelic Trance Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 140-150

Where It Originated: Goa, Israel, India

Stylistically Similar To: Goa Trance, Techno, Acid House

Year Developed: Early 1990s


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