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Schranz is a sub-genre of techno music that also derives elements from Detroit techno and hard techno. It will have a harder feel to it than other genres, and a bit less melody. It typically has a faster than average tempo, going from about 146 beats per minute to about 152 beats per minute.

The percussion here plays a big, if not the biggest role in the production of the music. The artists will compress and filter drum patterns, looping them as desired. The Roland-909 drum machine is a very popular one in this genre with its kick drums, hi-hats and snares. The artists will also use distortion to a heavy degree, to keep the harder, darker feel intact.

Like stated previously, as far as melody goes, it drops that in place for more emphasis on percussion. That doesn't mean, however, that there's no melody involved. It will usually just stick to single synth stabs and perhaps some sweeps for atmospheric purposes.

history of electronic music

This genre originated in Europe, in the country of Germany. The first time this word was used to describe this style of music was in the middle of the 1990s. It was used when German DJ Chris Liebing was describing a sound he wanted for his record store, which is now closed.

When he visited the record store, it had a good selection of what he described: a harder, darker and more distorted version of techno. It was from this moment on, where it became a genre of its own and had a defining characteristic to its sound.

The actual term is debatable. Some think it comes from the word "Schranzen," A German slang word that means something like "to make a lot of noise while eating." Some others believe that it's a word composed of two separate words, "Schrei" and "Tanz," which means scream and dance, respectively.

In 1998, it was more of a sub-genre of hard techno, having many of the same characteristics as it. During 2002 however, it evolved into something like a fusion genre of hard techno and minimal techno. During this time, many of the popular artists revved up the tempo a bit, to around 150-170 beats per minute and higher sometimes.

As of recently (2012), it has very loyal fans, people who really appreciate the music for what it is. The bad side however, is that this genre of music is much harder to find than it once was, and is losing popularity. This is due to the rise of dubstep and electro-house; genres which took elements from this one and made it their own.

Schranz Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 150-170

Where It Originated: Europe, Germany

Stylistically Similar To: Hard Techno, Minimal Techno, Detroit Techno

Year Developed: Mid-1990s


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Schranz - Taking elements from hard techno, you can expect it to be, well, hard!

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