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As the name suggests, speedcore is a very fast genre. No, scratch that. It's the fastest genre in the world. Typical tracks to fall under this genre don't usually go below the tempo of 300 beats per minute (although older tracks had an average of about 250 beats per minute). When a song gets to about the 600-700 beats per minute range, it's known as splittercore, and when it exceeds 1000 beats per minute, it's known as extratone, making it the fastest genre, and not only in hardcore music.

Splittercore and extratone are both sub-genres of this genre, with the same qualities, just with a faster tempo. But when a song is classified as extratone, the tempo is so fast that individual notes or beats become unrecognizable an standalone sounds, in turn creating a solid, continuous tone, thus the name "extratone."

Stylistically, it's very similar to gabber and breakbeat hardcore, incorporating many elements of these genres, including the amen break, found in breakbeat hardcore and the themes of gabber music. Along with a few similarities to jungle music and cybergrind as well, such as certain other breakbeat patterns.

Artists in this genre typically use very offensive themes in their music, similar to gabber, but even harsher. Angry and aggressive lyrics, usually focused towards hatred of anything and everything. Violence, drugs or sexual lyrics are common as well. Some artists even attack other musical genres that don't fall under their same category (some even attack gabber music, where it got its roots from!).

history of electronic music

It came into being at around the early 1990s, after gabber of course because this is from what it was created. It's not really known for sure when it originally originated from, but the active scenes are in the Netherlands, Germany and North England, but if it was born from gabber, which originates from Rotterdam (the Netherlands) then that's my best guess.

There have been some artists to parody this genre of music, for its extreme qualities (in both the speed and the themes). These artists will typically either exaggerate the qualities of the music, or do the opposite, by using lighter samples and sounds.

This genre is surviving, but not by much. Its popularity is still quite low, and many people aren't aware of its existence. There are only a handful of well-known artists in this genre, and even less record labels for it. While it’s still mainly an underground type of music, where it will go from here isn't known for sure.

Speedcore Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 300 BPM

Where It Originated: The Netherlands

Stylistically Similar To: Gabber, Breakbeat Hardcore, Cybergrind

Year Developed: Early 1990s


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Bouncy Techno - Deriving from gabber, while dawing influences from techno as well.

Breakbeat Hardcore - Hardcore breakbeats, influenced by techno and house music.

Darkcore - You won't be finding any happiness here.

Digital Hardcore - Fast, aggressive and full of attitude, these guys mean business.

Gabber - Be a Gabber for life and the Gabbers will welcome you with open beats.

Happy Hardcore - You won't be finding any darkness here.

Speedcore - It's fast, aggressive and angry. Perfectly fits into the hardcore puzzle.

UK Hardcore - Can you guess where this music comes from?

You are at speedcore.

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