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Tech House

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Tech house, as the name would suggest, is a subgenre of house music that takes elements from techno, such as its rough basslines and its steely beats with progressive house's harmony and groovy feel. Early productions had a cleaner and more minimalistic approach, similar to Detroit techno.

It will also grab some of its characteristics from other genres as well, such as minimal techno, microhouse and more commonly, some dub styles. It will usually have a relaxing, calm feel to it, incorporating some of progressive houses deep, soulful sounds.

But unlike progressive house, where it will usually "progresses" throughout the song, giving a big explosion of energy at the end, tech-house will generally try and keep these energy spikes more calmed down and doesn't incorporate them as much as progressive house does.

It will use the same structure that house music uses, with the steady bass drum keeping the rhythm, but the sound of the instruments will more resemble techno. Distorted kicks, quicker hi-hats, louder snares and an acid-like sound, produced with the Roland TB-303.

Vocals are another important aspect of this music, as it will be present in many artists' productions. The vocals will typically be soulful and soaring, going along with the feel and rhythm of the music.

history of electronic music

This genre of music originated from the United States, mainly in Detroit and Chicago during the late 1980s. By the mid to late 1990s, a tech-house scene had developed in England, built around club night in the area.

Also during the late 1990s, up until the late 2000s, this music enjoyed some mainstream success, with many artists, clubs and record labels producing hits in the United States and England. In its success, it has spawned a few subgenres of its own.

Electrotech - Electrotech mixes elements of electroclash, like its powerful, driving bass with tech-houses general musical structure.

Deeptech - Deeptech is sort of a spin-off genre of electrotech and is influenced by progressive/dark house genres. Since there is no song to define this genre, it is suggested that the term may have been coined by concepts of a "deep" sounding atmosphere.

Pumptech (sometimes called pumping house) - Pumptech is a successful subgenre of tech-house and came around when an Italian DJ and two French singers created a hit in late 2002. The sound had a lot of reverb and robotic voices, along with modulated basses and side-chaining techniques. It gained massive popularity in 2003-2005, but died just as fast when progressive house started losing its importance and electroclash separated into its own genre.

Tech House Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 125-135

Where It Originated: The United States

Stylistically Similar To: Techno, Progressive House, Microhouse

Year Developed: Late 1980s


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You are at tech house.

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