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electronic music genres
sound of electronic music

Techstep has several defining qualities that make this music what it is. It will usually feature heavily synthesized sounds, placed in a dark, science fiction-like atmosphere. It will almost never use an instrument without heavy amounts of synthesized effects placed onto it, making many of the noises heard in this genre unique and different from others.

Even though the word "tech" is involved in the name of this genre, it shouldn’t be heavily focused on, when referring to techno. While it can be described as having a "techy" feel, it doesn’t associate itself directly with techno, except for the aspect of being able to create a high-energy atmosphere using unique or otherwise abstract sounds. In most cases, it will be associated with drum and bass, in both musical structure and compositional qualities.

This type of music can be made with many different instruments, but the most common ones are the synthesizer, drum machine, keyboard and laptop (using various sequencer programs). Another interesting aspect of this music is the use of samples. A sampler can be used to take clips of audio from different sources (other songs, television, etc…) and either use them directly or filter them through effects to achieve a desired sound.

One of the older mixes in this genre.

history of electronic music

This genre of music came into being around the middle parts of the 1990s, at the same time when many other genres of electronic music were born. It was created with the influences from the genres jungle and hardstep. The first artist to implement this specific sound was found in Great Britain, and this is the place of origin.

Several years later, there would be many big name record labels associated with this genre and several artist dedicated to it as well. During the later parts of the 1990s, many artists (the not so dedicated ones) had transitioned to the style of neurofunk, with its much more funk and house music influenced sound.

It wasn’t until near the end of the 1990s that this music took off, and many artists starting creating music under this genre, while others had moved onto neurofunk (the derivative). But even though several artists had transitioned, its overall popularity and general success is still higher than neurofunk’s.

Techstep Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 130-150

Where It Originated: Great Britain

Stylistically Similar To: Neurofunk, Jungle, Hardstep

Year Developed: Mid-1990s


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