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Trance Music

If you like trance music, please take a listen to my music here. You can listen to the samples or even buy my album or the individual tracks. Thanks for your interest!

electronic music genres

Ah, trance... From the soft strings throughout, to the massive explosions of melody and synth, it can make you feel like you've lived the artist's life. Even without words, it can tell you a story and bring you inside the music.

Trance has many different styles, like tech and goa trance, hard, and dream trance, all with unique sounds and presences, so it's difficult to talk about it in general. There are some loose guidelines, however, that most trance artists seems to follow, along with sub-genres to better understand the full scope of trance.

sound of electronic music

Trance is best described as being very melodic and typically upbeat. One of the more recognizable aspects of trance, is the buildups throughout a song, eventually ending with the start of the chorus. These buildups often use the song's central melody, but in a distorted or otherwise muffled form, to give the listener a sample of of the proceeding chorus.

Trance can have as little as one, or as many different riffs, or melodies, as the artist wants to include in their song. These melodies are typically a string of notes that together, would create a chord (also known as an arpeggio). These serve as the personality of trance. There is usually a main melody, however, that is used to define the song, and will be used the most often.

Trance can have varying speeds, but is one of the faster genres, faster than house music, and can have a tempo of around 150 beats per minute at times, where house generally stays below 140 beats per minute, in a comparison. Harmony is a vital aspect of trance, so when constructing it, artists need to pay special attention to avoid dissonance (this is when two or more notes are played, but one or more of them is out of key, thus creating dissonance, or a dissonant chord).

history of electronic music

Trance was developed in Germany around the early 1990s. The first melodic, trance-like sound was heard in Frankfurt, Germany, 1993. From there, the genre gained popularity in many parts of the world, more specifically, Europe, North America, Japan and the United Kingdom.

It shouldn't be overlooked however, that during the late 1970s, there were a few albums released that had many stylistic similarities to trance, and is said that this is where it came from, so the actual birthdate of this music could be much earlier than thought.

The origin of the term, or meaning behind why trance is called what it is, is left up to speculation. Some associate it with a euphoric feeling, or uplifting sensation experienced while listing to trance music. Others think it came from the mental state that that earliest trance artists tried to induce. There is no such trance now, as the genre's direction has changed.

I made a page for people who are interested in getting started with trance, it details many important factors for when you want to start producing it. You can check it out be going to this page: How To Make Trance Music.

General Trance Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 140 (Sometimes 150 or higher)

Where It Originated: Germany

Stylistically Similar to: House, Pop, Classical

Year Developed: Early 1990s

Below is an incomplete list of the many sub-genres that make up trance (in alphabetical order). You are on the "General Trance" page right now, clicking it will return you here.


General Trance - Back to the overview of trance.

Acid Trance - There are many types of acid, but only one type of acid trance.

Dream Trance - Set for a calmer, more soothing type of dreamy music (Zzz...).

Goa Trance - A sort of music you can trip out on. Created by hippies, for hippies.

Hard Trance - Deriving from breakbeat hardcore music, this trance kicks hard!

Ibiza Trance - A soothing fusion of trance and Balearic beat, to enjoy the summer.

Psychedelic Trance - One of the faster trance genres, with many sub-genres.

Techno Trance -  It's not techno, it's not trance, it's techno trance, the fusion!

Uplifting Trance - My personal favorite genre of trance, no summary, just listen!

Vocal Trance - Beautifully sung vocals with the familiar trance sound!

You are at trance music.

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