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UK Hardcore

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UK hardcore derived from happy hardcore and breakbeat hardcore music, and thus will share many stylistic properties with it. It will usually be harder in sound and less breakbeat driven than they are. And as of recently, it has started to incorporate new elements from other genres, like electro and dubstep, which may produce yet another genre.

Some of the later techno music properties can be found within this music as well, when it started to explore the more complex side of breakbeats and sound samples from various forms of media, like movies and cartoons.

This form of hardcore music will generally be much more vocal based than its earlier forms, and may even produce covers for popular songs. The tempo is generally the same as its earlier genres, maintaining an average of 160-180 beats per minute, but dropping a lot of the breakbeats.

Here is an amazing song within this genre that I absolutely love!

history of electronic music

First, during the late 1980s, came breakbeat hardcore, a style of music that fused the sounds of acid house and techno music. From that, during the early 1990s, happy hardcore was born, featuring many properties of breakbeat hardcore, with a happier sound. And from that, this UK based hardcore music was created during the mid-1990s.

During the 2000s, this music grew rapidly and is maintaining a good standing within the music industry. It has many popular artsits and record labels dedicated to it. It has even been featured on some popular radio stations, having a special in 2004 on BBC Radio 1.

During the late 2000s, a DJ landed a show on Radio 1, and this form of hardcore received a lot of air time and attention, boosting it into the mainstream. However, in 2011, a number of record labels and artists had closed and resigned, but newer labels have recently enjoyed a 100th release milestone, keeping the genre alive.

It’s currently popular in many countries, gaining worldwide acceptance. The United Kingdom is, of course, the place where it's most popular, being the place of origin, but other countries, such as Australia, Japan, the United States and Canada have seen its fair share of popularity in this genre as well.

UK Hardcore Specifications

Average Beats Per Minute: 160-180

Where It Originated: United Kingdom

Stylistically Similar To: Happy Hardcore, Techno, Breakbeat Hardcore

Year Developed: Mid-1990s


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UK Hardcore - Can you guess where this music comes from?

You are at UK hardcore.

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